We are excited to announce our 2019 Featured Senior Artist:

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Unionville Art Teachers (listed from left to right):  Faith Dilworth, Louis Stamis, Noelle Porco

"We believe that art education has enormous benefits to all students, but especially those at the secondary level.  Our students are not simply making beautiful things. They are practicing physical skills; how to manipulate and mix paint, how to apply graphite and charcoal to paper to create a photorealistic image, how to manipulate clay so that it is structurally strong; how to create jewelry from sheet metal. They are learning to observe their world carefully and critically, find and describe details, then step back to see the big comprehensive picture.  Art students are learning and integrating communication, mathematics, science and engineering principles into their art work.  Students involved in our curriculum are immersed in creative problem solving and critical thinking that will serve them well as they move into the workforce in any field. Study in the arts is transformative, and an opportunity that we believe all students should be afforded.”

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Sophia Mayer

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Claire Favor

Honorable Mention

Ashley Kirk

Honorable Mention

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